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Evgenia Rabinovich


Evgenia Rabinovich has established herself is a distinguished Vancouver-based pianist, teacher, collaborator, and researcher. Her performances have been described as “captivating” by audiences and her musicianship is hailed as having “flawless voicing, exquisite phrasing, and a brilliant sense of harmonic direction in everything she plays.” Her passion for expanding her knowledge has led her to a DMA degree at the University of British Columbia, where she is currently a doctoral candidate conducting field research. Her work focuses on the psychological principle of flow in piano performance and practice, underscoring her invested interest in expanding educators’ understanding of the psychological and practical elements contributing to performance success.


Evgenia's performance career spans continents, with concert appearances across the United States, Canada, Europe, and China. As a soloist, she has performed at renowned venues such as Steinway Hall in New York, Sala Dei Notari in Italy, and the Chan Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver, and many others. Since her concerto debut at age 15 with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra under Ken Hsieh, performing Tchaikovsky’s Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, Evgenia has collaborated with multiple prestigious conductors and orchestras. These include performances with the UBC Symphony Orchestra under Maestro Jonathan Girard, the Brunensis Virtuosi Orchestra under Maestro Danwen Wei, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Alicante under Maestro Uri Segal. She has performed live for radio and televised performances, and frequently streams performances live via social media. Most recently, she performed 18 solo recitals in the span on 9 weeks for the Candlelight Concert Series in Vancouver, 8 of which were sold out.


Evgenia is passionate about bringing classical music to a broader audience through active community engagement. Her interest in chamber music has led to the formation of a four-hand piano duo with her husband and business partner Nichoals Rada, an acclaimed classical pianist and pedagogue. Together, the dynamic duo has captivated audiences across Canada, the United States, and Europe.


Evgenia believes in connecting with audiences through performances, lectures, and digital channels, maintaining an active social media presence and drawing acclaim from audiences and followers alike for making classical music more accessible. Since 2011, she has been a visiting performer at Music Fest Perugia, also contributing to the development of the festival as an administrative team member in 2016 and as Social Media Manager in 2017. From

2021 to 2022, she served as a Board Member and Social Media Chair of the Vancouver Westcoast Musical Society, enhancing the organization's social media marketing and advertising strategies.


As an educator, Evgenia has held numerous graduate piano teaching positions at UBC and has held tutoring positions in piano and theory at the Mannes School of Music (The New School) in New York. Her expertise is frequently sought after as an adjudicator and visiting lecturer. In April of 2023, she served as an adjudicator for the Vancouver Westcoast Music Society’s 2023 Scholarship Competition. In November 2023, she was a visiting lecturer at the University of British Columbia where she spoke about her research, taking over the UBC Piano Pedagogy class to discuss effective practice and performance techniques on request of Professor Mark Anderson.


Evgenia is an honours graduate from the Mannes School of Music (The New School) in New York (BMUS, 2015) and the University of British Columbia (MMUS, 2017), where she is currently completing here doctoral degree. Evgenia’s early musical studies include extended work with Dr. Sasha Starcevich and Mannes department head Professor Pavlina Dokovska. Her work in chamber music includes many years of studies with Professor Rena Sharon and pianist and critic Harris Goldsmith. Evgenia began her university studies at UBC at the age of 15 after graduating early via the University Transitions Program for Gifted Adolescents. She received Early Entrance to the University of British Columbia and was awarded The Major Entrance Scholarship, focusing her early studies on psychology and English rhetoric while studying piano privately with Dr. Sasha Starcevich. Her later musical studies include work with Dr. Sara Davis Buechner, Professor Miranda Wong, Professor Michelle Mares, and Professor Mark Anderson.


Evgenia’s active interest in deepening her understanding of music has led to extensive studies in harmony, counterpoint, and analysis. She has a broad background in harmony and Schenkerian analysis, having studied both subjects privately with Dr. Robert Cuckson while studying composition with current composer and Mannes Professor David Loeb.


Evgenia has over a decade of experience teaching piano and theory and maintains a full piano studio in Vancouver. Upon returning to Vancouver from New York in 2017, she co-founded the Vancouver Piano School with her husband, Nicholas Rada. In 2020, they co-founded the RR Academy of Music, specializing in teaching piano and advanced musicianship for young performers while providing extensive courses in other musical disciplines, including harmony, history, and ear training. Evgenia’s extended interest in harmony and composition has motivated her to develop advanced private, semi-private, and group harmony courses at RR Academy that guide students through all RCM levels and toward auditions and university entry, yielding impressive RCM student exam results in the process. She also oversees and mentors student teachers at the school, using her professional experience and studies in piano pedagogy to help foster effective teaching approaches among young musicians. In 2022, she co-founded the RR Academy Practice Centre, offering quality practice and rehearsal spaces for musicians.


For more information about Evgenia Rabinovich and to hear her performances, visit her website ( or follow her on Instagram [@pianistrabinovich](

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