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Jean Brown


Jean Brown has been a piano teacher in the Greater Vancouver area for over forty years. She has consistently developed students from a young age who have matured to regularly receive accolades placing first in the province and within the top 3 nation-wide.


Jean loves adjudicating for the past 18 years and is a member of the Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators' Association. She has had many call backs to festivals and recently enjoyed the opportunity of adjudicating for the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival. 


Jean Brown has had several profoundly outstanding students throughout her career as a piano teacher. They have represented Vancouver, Coquitlam and the Fraser Valley in the Provincial Festival of the Arts, with several First-Place winners across the province. Her students have also represented Vancouver in the National Finals of the Canadian Music Competitions in variouscities across Canada including Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Jolliette, and Vancouver.


Jean has twice taught students, in 1991 and 2016, who have received the Gold Medal for the highest ARCT mark in Canada. In 2016, her student was recognized as the "Young Artist for 2017" after placing First in the Registered Music Teachers national competition for ages 25 and under. Many more of Jean's students have been recognized with other awards and examination results from the Royal Conservatory of Music, including several Gold Medals for various grades.


Jean has had the privilege of having received instruction from the esteemed Jean Lyons, Lorraine Ambrose and Lorne Watson, among others, in regards to teaching., pedagogy and performance for students Jean has a rich history of involvement within the musical community, serving as an executive for the Alumni of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto for several years.


In past years Jean has taught at the Langley Community School of Music, and she presently teaches at the Jean Lyons School of Music in Vancouver as well as at her home in Port Moody Ms. Brown has recently expanded her expertise to include the instruction of prospective piano teachers, sharing several tools and techniques that have proven successful with her numerous students. For up to date information on Jean's newest events and material, we invite you to look up and/or follow Jean Brown Piano hosted through Facebook.

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